Enterprise: Temporal Cold War - Media Update 19

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Enterprise: Temporal Cold War - Media Update 19

Postby JohnBart on Wed Jan 30, 2008 12:30 pm

Star Trek Enterprise: Temporal Cold War
Media Release 19

The time to present the first Media Update of 2008 has finally arrived. :)
But before we would show the work we have done since the last update, let us give you a little status report!

We are really happy to announce that the first internal test version (entitled "Beta 1") has been released for our betatesters. As such, the first phase of betatesting has been started, during which we will polish general gameplay, implement those feature requests (given by our testers) which we find reasonable and necessary, and will constantly add new content (levels, weapons, models) through patches. Currently, our plan is to develop this beta further into the upcoming single player teaser demo.

We would also like to thank all our supporters the votes they gave us during the voting phases of the Mod of The Year contest (making it possible to get into the Top 100), not to mention the many kind words and constructive criticism we have received. Thanks again, and don't forget: we make this mod for YOU, so we count on your continuing support!

The main website also got updated to give it a more clearly arranged look - we hope that you will like the new design.

OK, enough of the chit-chat, let the pictures talk! :)

This month, we would like to present both some models (render and also in-game) and a couple of in-game map screenshots. Let's begin with the models!

On the left, you can see the elements of a complete EVA suit kit, the space suit used by Starfleet personnel in the 2150s. If you have any repairs to be made on the ship's hull, or you just want to take a walk outside the space, then be sure to change clothes and put on Starfleet's absolutely uncomfortable EVA suit! ;)

On the right, you can see some Vulcan equipment: a pair of environment scanners and the standard-issue sidearm of the officers serving in the Vulcan Fleet.

Image Image

And now, some screenshots from Beta 1, featuring some key areas of the Launchbay map:

The Launchbay Control Center

Image Image

Airlock #2 and the Turbolift Corridor (under maintenance)

Image Image

Well, this concludes the 19th Media Release of the mod. Thank you for your attention,
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