News submission guidelines

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News submission guidelines

Postby Blink on Wed May 18, 2005 3:41 pm

Forum members can submit news here to be applied to the main site, this way we can keep the site up to date and more useful then just a tutorial resource.

When submitting news please remember the following things:

* Spelling and Grammar are important, please proof read your news to ensure it is correct.

* If images are needed then use a free image host ( and the News Admins will upload the images to interlopers if it is posted.

* Use correct forum code when linking pages.

* Mod news is only posted if the mod is of a decent quality and/or the media is of a decent standard, don't bother submitting 20 grey model renders.

* Not all news will be submitted, try to post news of interest to the other viewers of the site and obvious it must relate to Half-Life

Your submission will be moved to the News forum and will appear on site under your username if accepted

Thanks :)
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