Firearms Source 1.0 Released

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Firearms Source 1.0 Released

Postby TheMiede on Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:38 am

Hey folks, I hope you have all started enjoying the awesome fragging of Firearms Source. With already filled servers and 2 server patches available, Firearms Source is sure to cure your sweet tooth of FPS ownage. Bringing you back to Quake style gameplay with realistic weaponry content, you are sure to enjoy our first release. Please head over to our website, or download the client on ModDB.


Clients (Players): Go to our downloads page and download either the executable if you like to have an installer do the work for you, or if you are an advanced user, you can choose to download the ZIP and install it yourself.

Servers: Go to our downloads page and download the FAS Client 1.0 and patch it with FAS Server 1.0b.

So report in Freshmeat! Now's the time you choose your arsenal and get ready for battle.
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1337 p0st3r
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