Blade Symphony Community Mapping Contest

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Blade Symphony Community Mapping Contest

Postby Maestro Fénix on Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:34 pm

Welcome to the first ever Blade Symphony Community Mapping Contest sponsored by fug4life, and deef!

Steam Group: ... 1407678013

-The tournament will start on August 3rd 2014 and run until September 3rd 2014 (one month long).
-Maps submitted can be of any style, and users can submit as many maps as they'd like.
-Maps created must clearly show effort was put in to be accepted (see map criteria). This is just to prevent people from submitting a large amount of garbage maps to up their chances at winning the randomly chosen map prize. (See prizes)
-Each map submission can have two users as the creators (maximum) and the prize pool will be split between them, (each receiving a cape if they win one) so feel free to team up with a friend.
-The maps will be judged by a panel of judgements (Tetrabor, fug4life, deef)

Contestants must have permission to use custom content not belonging to them.

-Best Map
The Artist Cape
Any game on steam priced $50 or under

-Best Map by a New Mapper
The Artist Cape
Any game on steam priced $50 or under

-2nd Place by a New Mapper
Any game on steam priced $30 or under

-5 Randomly Chosen Maps
Any game on steam priced $10 or under

Notice: No contestant can win more than one prize.

As a bonus, every entered duel map will be hosted on deef's cool server for attractive people for you to play on.

The map criteria is pretty easy to keep the contest accessible, but we do have a few key rules:
-Duel maps must have 3 arenas
-All arenas must be playable in both 1v1 and 2v2 mode
-Map design must be more visually interesting than a cube with the same texture applied to every surface

Simply publish your map to the workshop, then link to it in the appropriate thread.
Experienced mappers please submit here
New mappers please submit here
All maps entered to the new mappers category will also be considered for the best overall map prize, since just because you're new doesn't mean you can't be the best.

Tetrabor's Guide to Basic Mapping for Blade Symphony
Puny Human Third Party Guides/Resources []
Blade Symphony Map Files []
Feel free to add me (fug4life) on steam and I'll do my best to answer whatever questions you may have!
Maestro Fénix
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