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Postby BaRRaKID on Fri Oct 14, 2005 5:10 pm

KILLA-COW wrote:ahahahhaha oh sorry god i'll just not stand up for myself in future you know I'll just let other people walk all over me and more often than not i give advice and make sensible posts so shutupa you facea and if you think my spam in the real forums are bad check out some of my shit in the random thread.

That would be a really good idea tbh.. it's called "taking it like a man", replying to personal attacks just makes you worst then the guy who attacked you, and sometimes you gain more for saying nothing then by saying wathever goes inside your head. And this is the case, if you(or any others) would just shut up sometimes and not press the reply button, you wouldn't have to read stuff like this.
I would advise you to read all your posts, and if you have half a brain you will realise how bad it is.

But still i think that a random crap forum would be usefull to keep the general discussion forum clean(since it's full of shit threads now). There are examples of this working on other foruns like lanmaniax and mapcore foruns. So every thread that is just simply stupid would be moved to that forum(wich should be bottom forum so no1 sees it xD). It wouldn't hurt to try it for a few weeks i think
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Postby Blink on Fri Oct 14, 2005 5:10 pm

Mmm, another thread ruined, thanks guys!
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