different problems with floating models/physboxes

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different problems with floating models/physboxes

Postby Notary on Sat Jan 26, 2008 10:25 am

1) I want a prop_physics using "models/props_junk/propane_tank001a.mdl" model (propane tank from ravenholm) to float in the water but it doesn't float. I have some other props that float - barrels, computers, monitors. Different mass_scale doesn't do the trick. Howewer, I parented it to wooden func_physbox and it floated but it was always pushing me with no reason. Is there any way to change models parameters so it could float?

2)I have a func_brush parented to func_tracktrain. When my train reaches a certain position func_brush is unparented and with the help of phys_convert is turned into physics objects. I want it to fall deep in the water but my train (it's quite big) just floats in the water. I don't want it to float. I tryed to set it to super-heavy in phys_convet parameters, I set its mass like 5 000 000 but it still foats.
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