3d skyboxl bug/error

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3d skyboxl bug/error

Postby The Milkman on Tue Feb 05, 2008 5:12 pm


I was reading up on the 3d skybox and apparently the sky_camera has its own fog settings so i left out a fog point entity and used the sky_camera fog options. But they do not appear to have worked.. as you can see.

That was not the main question i had however..

I seem to have encountered the strangest of bugs.. (unfortunately non of the screen shots i took of it seem to have saved..?? Only this one above) Although there were no leaks on compile the entire map would appear to have been compiled in the 3dskybox. Non of my models (or water) were showing ingame unless i was practically touching them, i was also recieving the message "Too many vertex format changes in frame, whole world not rendered". One brush was showing in the sky, i used no clip to figure out what it was/what was up there and when getting to a certain point in the sky i entered a clone of my map, as what appeared to be part of the 3d skybox. But it was the correct size as the real map, whilst the actual 3dskybox was still aligned to the real world (so this "clone" couldn't have been rendered as part of the 3dskybox if it was not scaled 1/16th??? Even though it was missing what would be the correctly aligned brushes of the intended 3dskybox). Alhough it was above my map environemtn like the map was positioned above the 3dskybox in hammer. I can only imagine this would be the cause to the "too many vertices showing, not rendering whole world" message and not rendering models unless they were close to me. Since that's a lot of faces to render at once.

I'll try and get a screen shot again to show you, would probably be easier to understand. oh and no there was not a sky_camera still in my map.
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