READ BEFORE YOU POST : Help Guidelines

Any aspects of level design for the Source engine.

READ BEFORE YOU POST : Help Guidelines

Postby Blink on Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:01 am

Error Page: Plug your Hammer compile log in and it will find most problems(and solutions!) immediately. Read the full errors page here:

Search : There's an extra big search box at the top of the forum, search your problem first in case it has been asked already.

Descriptive Topic Titles : Using "I have a problem" or "Another Error" is not really helpful.

Clear English : Text speak is not appreciated, keep it clear

Post Full Compile Logs: It helps if we can see the whole log, as the bit you picked out might not be the error.

As much information as possible : Try to be descriptive with any problems you are having, so people don't have to ask you again.

Images: If it helps post some images

Pass on your knowledge: If you've learnt something and someone else has a similar problem, try lending a hand.
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