Unstable Server-Side Color Correction

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Unstable Server-Side Color Correction

Postby awesome24712 on Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:10 am

Color correction is a very valuable tool to me, allowing me to set the tone of any maps I make. I make maps for Battle Grounds 2, a HL2DM mod using Source 2007. Unfortunately whenever I try to use color_correction, something goes horribly wrong.

I can make the color correction .raws and load them up just fine in-game, and they look good. The problem is that after 10 or so minutes of playing, the color correction randomly turns itself off. 5 or so minutes later it comes back on again without warning. And so the color correction randomly toggles itself on and off every few minutes. I've tried things like using logic_timers to constantly re-enable it every second and adding fade in/out times to the color_correction entity so any glitches should be less gradual if they still occur. Unfortunately these fixes are to no avail; the color correction still turns on and off randomly and suddenly. I hope that others might have experienced this before and can help me with this issue. I hate for my otherwise excellent multiplayer maps to be ruined by people saying "oh why are these instagram filters turning on and off?"

Some details:
•This is a server-side issue only. If I make a private/local game the color correction works as normal.
•This happens on multiple maps, not just a single buggy one.
•This happens with pakratted and vanilla .raws alike; so not only custom ones.
•The change in color correction is visible to all players; everyone sees it change at the same time.
•On these maps there are only single universal color correction entities, not multiple.
•Other mappers have had the same problem; so it's not just my hammer setup.

I understand this is a very specific issue that probably can't be helped, I just hope that others have had it before and will be able to help me. Any advice is appreciated. :)
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