TF2 Art style article + 'Meet The Scout' info

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TF2 Art style article + 'Meet The Scout' info

Postby Ripper_hugme on Wed Feb 27, 2008 2:27 am

Read Here

Very interesting article on the artistic influences of the game with a fantastic final note: we'll be 'meeting the scout' soon.

For those who don't give a stuff about art style, just the scout video...

As a treat for the audience, Mitchell wrapped up the presentation by showing a sneak preview of the next Team Fortress 2 trailer to come out: "Meet the Scout." Sadly, he insisted that we not capture video. But fans won't be disappointed: the Scout comes to life with all the hilarity of the previous movies, quickly sputtering out his monologue in a thick New York accent. "If you were from where I was from? You'd be f---in dead!" he boasts.
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