Not two, but four teams?

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Not two, but four teams?

Postby dikimaus on Mon Mar 03, 2008 7:52 pm

Well I have an HL2 DM codebase, converted to TDM.
Now that I want to have 4 teams (by sets of two - A vs B, C vs D), while I have now only 2.
How can I have it like, the map has a certain parameter, say map_teams, whose existance decides whether it's A vs B or C vs D which battle in that map. Then, when I join the server, based on the parameter, gives either of the team-menus (say, resource/ui/tm1.res and ...../tm2.res). Also, all the team-switching functions would account for this parameter.

Sounds very messy, but the main question is - how can I have 4 teams and how can I make a map parameter that decides whether A vs B or C vs D are going to fight? Also, how I'm going to access this parameter in the source code?
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