Is it possible to use SSE to interact on a per-pixel basis?

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Is it possible to use SSE to interact on a per-pixel basis?

Postby jmoak3 on Sat Feb 01, 2014 3:44 am

I'm working on another post process effect that involves a lot of random blips. If this were one of my from-scratch projects I'd just make a pixel shader something like

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if (rand > 0.5f)
   outcolor = float3(whatever color);

which would look at each pixel and set it's color, but with SSE it's like you have to interact with the entire scene at once like one giant pixel.

I tried to use the custom code node and wrote the above code, and as expected it still treated the thing like a giant pixel.

Is there a way to take input on a per pixel basis, or to take in a framebuffer and go through each pixel and apply logic to it?

(Or is using a noise texture and multiplying it, rounding it, abs-ing it, adding random numbers etc until it's a nicely randomized blob and then smashing it with my framebuffer the only way to achieve this effect?)
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