Source 2013 Multiplayer Server Browser Bug

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Source 2013 Multiplayer Server Browser Bug

Postby ChromeAngel on Sat Oct 22, 2016 3:53 pm

Help! After many months of struggle I must conclude that i've subtly b0rked the migration of my mod to the version of Source 2013 Multiplayer that became current in March 2016.

The mod compiles, runs and is generally playable, however the Dedicated Server (DS) continually reports that it's out of date and should be rebooted, so it can update. The master server browser doesn't seem to be recognising my DS, so the only way players can connect is directly via IP in console.

Naturally I shutdown the DS and gave it time to update. The issue remains, the master server won;t recognise my server. For a while I actually thought it might be an issue at Valve's end, maybe they didn't tell the master server about the new version or something, so I gave them a few days to sort it out.

Nothing happened. So it must be a problem at my end.

Since I used the Steam windows client to install the DS, I used it to validate the local application cache. All says it's fine, but the issue remains.

Getting desperate I un-installed the DS application and re-installed it afresh. The issue remains.

In miserable desperation as my mod's tiny community evaporates as they cannot keep up with my ever changing dynamic IP, I decided to re-install Steam. I re-install the DS and the issue remains.


The error the DS is giving me in the console is just plain wrong. It's not the DS that needs to be updated, but something about my mod. I did recall seeing a master server address in one of the menu files in the scripts folder, but I checked and it's the same address before and after the 2013 update.

Now AFAIK I have not modded anything in the 2013 source API code that interfaces with the engine and I don't know
where else might be telling the dedicated server what version my mod supports.

Is there anyone here who knows the Source engine API or how the Source 2013 Multiplayer Dedicated Server interfaces with mod DLLs?

If I can't fix the bug I assume I have (but don't know where or what to look for) i'll have to write my own server browsers and run my own master server, which seems an unnecessary hassle.
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