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A PC/mobile media feed thing - anarcast.tv

Postby SM Sith Lord on Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:32 pm

Hey Interlopers. I usually don't post my normal news releases on here, but this is something I was working on way too much for the past 2 weeks so I thought I'd share the writeup I made for it. It's a mobile/PC website that ties in as a feature of Anarchy Arcade's prototype.

Anarchy Arcade Prototype Updated 2/24
The public prototype of Anarchy Arcade, called SMAR•CADE: Anarchy Edition, has been UPDATED to Version 2.2c!
Or, if you already have version 2.2b

Today an all-new feature goes LIVE in the prototype. It's called anarCAST.tv and it allows you to share your favorite media with ALL of your friends; even if they don't own a PC!


It does this by giving EVERY player their own personal anarcast.tv feed that you can post your favorite media to. Just send your friends to your anarCAST page and they can follow along with the action; listening to the music, watching the videos, checking out the pictures, and it even gives them links to download/buy the media items for themselves.


Your anarCAST can be used in 2 different modes: LIVE mode and OFFLINE mode.

In OFFLINE mode, only the media items that you manually share will be posted to your anarCAST.

In LIVE mode, every cabinet you select is automatically posted to your anarCAST feed (excluding local files, of course). This means all of the people looking at your anarCAST page will see the new media items popup IMMEDIATELY. This is great when doing live gaming sessions or marathons where people want to follow along with what is being played.

To take the LIVE mode a step further, Twitch.tv features have been integrated into your anarCAST.tv feed. If you're broadcasting on Twitch, you can have your video stream appear directly on your anarCAST page, as well as your Twitch chat. Combining Twitch.tv's video broadcasting expertise with anarCAST.tv's extensive LIVE media feeds creates a spectating experience more visually appealing and interactive than ever before!


AnarCAST.tv is compatible with anything that has a web browser. PC's, cell phones, tablets, game consoles, etc. The images shared to the feed are usually HD images, so a wifi connection is preferred when viewing.

I spent nearly 2 weeks developing this feature for the prototype because sharing my experiences from my virtual arcades with my friends who don't even have Anarchy Arcade is something I found myself doing often. AnarCAST.tv allows me to send my friends a single link where they can follow along with all of the stuff I'm trying to share with them, LIVE, and it even has Twitch.tv features so they can watch & chat with everyone.


In addition to helping me share media with my friends, I believe that anarCAST.tv also helps illustrate that Anarchy Arcade's concept is COMPLETELY LEGAL and DOES NOT VIOLATE ANY COPYRIGHT LAWS. The media used in the arcades comes from the users themselves; no copyrighted material is included. You use Anarchy Arcade with your own stuff, much like a DVD player or a PC itself.

Anarchy Arcade gives you complete freedom of where you go to buy/download your games, as it should be. But in an effort to deter piracy, Anarchy Arcade suggests trusted retailers such as the Steam Store when looking to buy a game. Oddly enough, legal restrictions prevent me from including links to some major trusted retailers. However, full addon support allows the user community to define their own favorite stores/sites and share them with their friends.

AnarCAST.tv reflects this open-ended design and shows your friends a glimpse of how engulfing the experience of playing on their PC can really be.

How to use anarCAST.tv:
This update adds a new button onto each arcade cabinet; the "anarCAST" button. When you press it, the media item you are looking at gets posted onto your own personal anarCAST.tv page! Just send the link to your friends and they can experience the awesomness of your media collection directly from their PC or mobile device! They don't need to sign up!

For you, this feature uses the GameJolt.com cloud service, so you'll need to have a GameJolt account to post things to your anarCAST. If SMAR•CADE says you need to "Login first" when you click the anarCAST button, then just click the little gear icon next to it and set up your options.

As always, if you have any questions about how something works or you just need help getting started, just post your question somewhere I can see and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Have fun!
SM Sith Lord
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