Now Available on Steam - Anarchy Arcade

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Now Available on Steam - Anarchy Arcade

Postby SM Sith Lord on Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:35 pm

The wait is over. The first 3D multiplayer virtual reality desktop is now available on Steam as Early Access.

No mater what you love, you can use Anarchy Arcade to immerse yourself and your friends like never before.

CLICK HERE to get Anarchy Arcade from the Steam store.

Anarchy Arcade is a 3D desktop that you launch in the morning and can leave open all day long. It allows you to turn your entire PC into an entertainment experience.

Key Features:
  • Supports the Oculus Rift for a virtual reality experience!
  • Works with Steam games, non-Steam games, movies, YouTube videos, pictures, websites, etc.
  • Launches your files & programs. just like normal!
  • Instantly ALT+Tab to switch between programs.
  • Goes into sleep mode while you play other games. (Doesn't lag you down!)
  • Emulators are supported! (But not included.)
  • Automatically finds YouTube trailers and HD boxart to use on 3D shortcuts.
  • Does not interfere with Windows or your normal computer use.
  • Anarchy Arcade does NOT come bundled with any additional games or movies. It simply is a fun & entertaining way to access your personal media collection and share the experience with your friends

If you need any help configuring your DK1 or DK2 Oculus Rift to work with Anarchy Arcade, you can leave a reply to this thread or start on on the Steam Community Hub.
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Re: Now Available on Steam - Anarchy Arcade

Postby Black_Stormy on Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:38 pm

While 3d desktops are totally not my thing, I think this is a really interesting concept in computer interaction, especially for the oculus. VR needs a different system for accessing files and games and I think this is it. It's a coders project so while the maps and models aren't pro quality, the code that went into this is impressive.

The props are dynamically skinned depending on which game you have assigned to them. It does this by scraping the internet for images and logos and then placing them within the UV map of the prop. That's all automatic and it's not even the most impressive thing.

When you launch a different game from an arcade cabinet in your map, A-arcade pauses and releases all resources so you can play your game with no overhead from Anarchy Arcade. When you finish your game and drop back into Anarchy, it reloads the resources and plops you back into the map with minimal delay. To me that eliminates one of the main problems that would arise from running two 'games' simultaneously.

You can stream videos onto the TV props in your map, you can play music and videos from your hard drive, and you can even invite people over to your arcade and do it all in multiplayer. It's impressive, and I think people should try it out just to see what Sith Lord has been doing with source - and without valves source code. Also come on it's a mod and it's on steam! Support the modding community directly by downloading it and leaving a review on the steam page, good or bad.
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