[CS:GO] de_investment (WORKSHOP, Update 7 Sept)

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Re: [CS:GO] de_investment (WORKSHOP, Update 7 Sept)

Postby fompahaha on Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:10 pm

Hello yeah it's very cool map :smt023 , i downloaded it from Steam Workshop. I decided to post here a small wish list in case the developer wants something to correct.
1. This map contains abysses, where a terrorist traitor can easily throw a bomb to ruin all the plans, this is very bad, please fix it! For example, сreate an invisible wall maybe:
2. When I'm close to the elevator, it disappears, and I see only the background:
3. On the map there is a place which is close to the CT spawning. I jump in this place and there is nothing except staircase.. What is this place?
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