voice looping problem

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voice looping problem

Postby Tamalon on Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:34 pm

I have a major show-stopping problem.
Ive never had this problem before and have made countless choreography’s that work perfectly, but ever since I have re installed windows I have had this problem, I import it into hammer, and trigger with a tigger_once like I have done successfully hundreds of times….
…..When the choreograph ends, the voice wav keeps playing and keeps looping forever but the actor doesn’t lip-synch anymore, it just loops.

Heres a couple of things to take into consideration.
I have made a custom sound script for my actor. Again I have done this before without any problem.

Apart from one difference. Before I used the game_sounds_manifest that came with the noesis tutorial for source choreography (I don’t have it anymore since I re installed windows). This time I’m using the script in the episode 1 shared folder (accessible only by using GCFScape)

Also I say I made my own soundscript. But in fact I just used the one from the noesis tutorial and changed the names of the wav files.

For example: I made a txt file called npc_sounds_kyle and this is the first entry:
"channel" "CHAN_VOICE"
"volume" "VOL_NORM"
"pitch" "PITCH_NORM"

"soundlevel" "SNDLVL_95dB"

"wave" "*kyle1.wav"

as I said before I changed the name to kyle from whatever it was, and it has worked perfectly before.

I then add npc_sounds_kyle.txt to the end of the game_sounds_manifest.

Which now looks like
"precache_file" "scripts/game_sounds.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/game_sounds_ui.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/game_sounds_player.txt"

// Weapon sounds
"precache_file" "scripts/game_sounds_weapons.txt"

// HL2 World, Ambient Generic, Items, Physics, Vehicles
"precache_file" "scripts/game_sounds_world.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/game_sounds_ambient_generic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/game_sounds_items.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/game_sounds_physics.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/game_sounds_vehicles.txt"

// E3 level sounds
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_e3_c17.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_e3_town.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_e3_bugbait.txt"

// Episodic content sounds
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_alyx_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_strider_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_turret_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_soldier_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_ministrider_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_roller_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_combine_ball_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_citizen_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_citizen_ep1.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_zombine.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_dog_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_antlion_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_antlionguard_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_advisor.txt"

"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_music_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/game_sounds_weapons_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_voices_episode_01.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_aftermath_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_outland_episodic.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_c17_02a.txt"

"precache_file" "scripts/level_voices_episode_02.txt"

// Game level sounds
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_eli_lab.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_trainyard.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_k_lab.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_k_lab2.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_coast.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_novaprospekt.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_streetwar.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_streetwar2.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_breencast.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_citadel.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_canals.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_ravenholm.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_ravenholm2.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_canals2.txt"

//Music Tracks
"precache_file" "scripts/level_sounds_music.txt"

// NPC Sounds
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_eli.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_alyx.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_dog.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_citizen.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_barney.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_soldier.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_strider.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_zombie.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_vortigaunt.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_turret.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_scanner.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_rollermine.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_poisonzombie.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_metropolice.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_combinecamera.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_manhack.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_ichthyosaur.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_blackheadcrab.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_fastheadcrab.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_headcrab.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_fastzombie.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_birds.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_gunship.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_dropship.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_barnacle.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_attackheli.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_antlionguard.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_antlion.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_env_headcrabcanister.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_combine_ball.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_combine_mine.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_sniper.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_stalker.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_gman.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_tamalon.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_kyle.txt"
"precache_file" "scripts/npc_sounds_mat.txt"


I honestly cant think of anymore to say, the scripts folder the sound folder where the wav files are kept are in my episodic folder of the half life 2 episode 1 directory as they should be.

Im sorry for the shear length of this post. This is a problem I have been trying to solve for a while now.

Any information would be a great help.
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Re: voice looping problem

Postby Groxkiller585 on Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:18 pm

I know almost nothing with choreography (Portal only uses it for one character...) but i know a fiar bit about the sound files themselves.

This is gonna sound stupid but, did you loop the last sound file? It may be why the choreographed scene plays the last sound over and over as it's looped.
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Re: voice looping problem

Postby Pink Panther on Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:17 pm

I echo Grox's suggestion. Did you somehow loop the sound when you exported it from whatever you recorded it in?

As much as I prefer to not mention this site for a variety of reasons, this tutorial is designed to intentionally loop sounds: http://www.fpsbanana.com/tuts/8862. It may or may not be of any use to you, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
"Here we go again..."
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Re: voice looping problem

Postby Groxkiller585 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:48 am

Use a program called "Wavosaur" to see if it is looped. If it has loop marks, remove them and resave the sound file.
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