Global vs View Transform in XSI 6

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Global vs View Transform in XSI 6

Postby weilawei on Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:18 am

I've been watching the 3dBuzz series of video tutorials on XSI and they were made (apparently) with XSI 2 or something like that. Either way--it's not current. For the most part, I can figure out all the subtle changes with a bit of poking around.

One thing that's got me confused is the Global and View coordinate systems for transformations. There doesn't appear to be any difference between the two. In the video, he shows how he can drag freely in View mode, but not in Global. In XSI 6, I can drag freely in both modes and both have the coordinate axes pointing the same direction.

What's the difference? Can anyone give me an example where the difference might become important?
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