Viewmodel animations flickering/cutting out

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Viewmodel animations flickering/cutting out

Postby cptswing on Sun Feb 10, 2008 5:24 am

Hello everybody, i could really use some help on something that's stumped me for the last 2 days.

I've got a full set of viewmodel animations ready to use in-game, they compile correctly, display fine in HLMV, and run flawlessly in local games that i create to test them (listenservers). As soon as i join a server on the net though, they go absolutely pear-shaped, while all the other weapons animations work as usual.
Several things seem to be happening: During the end of Hit / Miss animations (this is a melee weapon), either the draw, or sometimes one of the idle animations, cut in too soon - what follows is the source engine not being able to decide which one to play, and lots of flickering or stuttering happens. Also, during idle states both the dedicated idle animations and what look like parts of hit/miss/draw animations get mixed up. And some animations complete their cycle, others just stop - either replaced with what looks like the reference model, or frames of other anims.
I'm seriously baffled, so i'd really appreciate any comments or insights. In it's current state, the animations are not useable, except for locally hosting a game for, well, myself.

I use XSI with the built-in SMD Exporter (all options unchecked), compile with GUIStudioMDL (using Ep1), view with the latest HLMV. Here's a copy of my very basic .qc file:

Code: Select all
$modelname "weapons\medkit\v_medkit"

$cdmaterials "models\weapons\medkit"
$cdmaterials "models\v_arms"

$body studio "blabla\compile\medkit_ref.smd"
$origin 0 10.5 1

$sequence draw "blabla\compile\medkit_draw.smd" fps 30 snap activity ACT_VM_DRAW 1
$sequence hit1 "blabla\compile\medkit_hitcenter1.smd" fps 30 snap activity ACT_VM_HITCENTER 1
$sequence miss1 "blabla\compile\medkit_misscenter1.smd" fps 30 snap activity ACT_VM_MISSCENTER 1
$sequence idle1 "blabla\v\compile\medkit_idle2.smd" loop fps 57 activity ACT_VM_IDLE 1
$sequence idle2 "blabla\v\compile\medkit_idle1.smd" loop fps 57 activity ACT_VM_IDLE 1
$sequence idle3 "blabla\compile\medkit_idle3.smd" loop fps 57 activity ACT_VM_IDLE 1

So yeah, any help is much appreciated!
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