Project Valkyrie Mapping Contest

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Project Valkyrie Mapping Contest

Postby Zanboo on Sun Feb 10, 2008 12:19 am

Project Valkyrie

What is it?
The Mapping Contest is open to all users, but first you must register to be a part of the contest.

When is it?

The contest will run from the time this is posted (2/3/2008) for 90 days, or ~ 3 months. The official last date for entries is May 1st 2008. Winners will be announced on May 3rd, 2008.
Please note these dates are subject to change.

What do I Win?

The winner of the competition will be included in our planned three month content release, along with our official maps. Runners-up may be included in a Community Map Pack, to be released at a later date. We're also in talks with both our server partners and other companies for additional prizes, including subscriptions and other schwag.

How Does it Work?

Mappers have three months to produce a release quality Deathmatch (including TDM) or Capture the Flag map. Contestants will create a thread for their map in this forum with progress reports and screenshots. Upon completion, contestants will provide a link to download their map to the development team by PMing myself on this forum.
You may submit as many maps as you would like, and the team is onhand to answer questions.

When creating a thread for your map please use this format in the subject: Name - Gametype - NameofMap
For instance, Zanboo CTF_Iliketonamemaps

You can find out more about mapping for Project Valkyrie in Woe Kitten's tutorial thread.

Any Legal Mumbo-Jumbo?

Of course.

1) You are using material that you retain ownership of, or that is of free use.
2) You abide by the Creative Commons license and allow [url]Blackened Interactive[/url] to use, modify, and distribute your work.

Signups and other threads are all in our forums.

Haven't tried PV?
Get to it!

UPDATE: Fileplanet will be providing the winner with a year long subscription, with all the perks and features that come along with a premium account. A $40 value, yours for the price of a great map :smt005
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