CSGO: Custom Game Mode Co-OP vs bots

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CSGO: Custom Game Mode Co-OP vs bots

Postby Jim_Partridge on Sat Jul 12, 2014 3:50 pm

Hi All

I'm creating a series of maps that offer a more left 4 dead style gameplay vs CS bots. 4 Co-OP.
Its going pretty well and I have bots spawning and teleporting around the map as the players progress deeper into a base i've created. I've got a couple of issues that I need to resolve.

1: I want the damage to the player team to be minimal while keeping the CT's damage normal CS settings.
I've tried using the following CVARs but the console says the command is not recognised.
mp_damage_scale_t_body 0.05
mp_damage_scale_t_head 0.05

Anyone know another way to scale damage or what i'm doing wrong here?

2: I want bots on the player team to follow the player ala left 4 dead
Can't find a CVAR for this but am using ..
bot_defer_to_human_goals 1
bot_defer_to_human_items 1
...to stop them from trying to plant bomb etc...

Once these issues are solved I think I've got everything I need to get this done.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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