Ghost Ops Patch

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Ghost Ops Patch

Postby Blink on Thu Mar 24, 2005 2:23 am

The lads working on Ghost Ops have released a patch to fix a few issues with the buggy release of the mod:

"First off, this patch does NOT address the following things:

1 - It does NOT fix the consta-spawn problem, which obviously then does NOT fix the gren-spawning, C4-spawning, etc.
2 - It does NOT fix player balance - we tweaked some settings a bit but we need more testing and time to really fix those up proper. keep the community feedback coming, every little bit helps!

Here are some things it DOES address:

1 - Crash bugs. We have fixed at least 4 separate server and client crash bugs.
2 - Network and local latency problems - fixed as much as was possible from the code. We have to scale back our maps a little in the update to really get the wailing net perf we want.
3 - Fixed outrageously huge blood effect.
4 - Spectator mode! Type to each other, keep an eye on your deployment timer, use the chase cam, etc.

Full changelog and download links can be found on the Ghost Ops site.
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Postby dux on Thu Mar 24, 2005 2:32 am

3 - Fixed outrageously huge blood effect.

Awwww. Everyone likes outrageously huge blood!
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