CVG Orange Box Dissection: TF2

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CVG Orange Box Dissection: TF2

Postby Blink on Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:03 pm

CVG have followed up the two previous articles about Episode II and Portal with a final chat to Valve about TF2:

We're particularly fond of the Soldier's battle cry of "I'm going to strangle you with your frilly training bra." Any favourites at Valve?

"I get to be in the same world as you're in," laughs Walker, "where I get to hear new ones and laugh at them, but I've always had a personal favourite in the Scout, as you baseball-bat up a load of Engineer's buildings, you yell 'There goes all your stupid crap, morons!' I've always liked that one.

Head this way to read more.
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