Camera Tracking

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Camera Tracking

Postby Tutorial on Wed Nov 22, 2006 10:51 pm

General Half-Life 2/Entities

Use this technique for moving a camera view around the map, useful for intros.

camera, tracking, path_track, track, tracks, cameras, point_viewcontrol.

I saw this technique used in the begining of Leon's coastline to atmosphere and in Metastatis 1.

In this example I set up a series of path_tracks for a helicopter to follow and then a series of path_corners for the camera to follow the helicopter.


The camera is a point_viewcontrol enity which gives you the player's exterior view of the map. To start I put the point_viewcontrol in the first path_corner,so it starts right away. Opening up of the properties of point_viewcontrol it gives you the entity to follow, in this case the helicopter.


The last path_corner of the point_viewcontrol I put in where the info_player start is, so that when the camera ends its track it you are seeing the helicopter from the ground.


On the last path_corner you must add the following outputs to the point_viewcontrol for it to stop playing and the view returned to the player.
Onpass cam kill
onpass cam Disable


There are variables of speed of helicopter and speed of camera to give you the Director of this movie the shot you want. Additional elements in this particular map are a logic_auto to spawn the map and an ai_entity to control the relationship of the helicopter to the player.

Using your imagination you could have several helicopters flying, create your own arial combat sequence.

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