Due to the quantity of entries we have decided the best method of submission is to package your files as a standalone mod. This will not only make it easier to judge individuals work, but it will also counter issues such as content conflicts. This isn't optional. Any submission that doesn't follow these instructions will not be judged.

Click here to download the files required for submission.

  • Rename the included folder from interlopers_comp to yourusername_comp

  • Edit the included gameinfo.txt so that the mods title "Interlopers_ Comp" is changed to your username_comp

  • Make sure your custom materials and models are included in the correct folders.

  • Make sure your levels .bsp is included in the map folder.

  • Make sure any additional content such as sounds or scenes are included In the appropriate folders.

  • Please install your mod and test it, if possible also get a friend to test it.