Interlopers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

These are actual questions that users ask quite regularly and will be updated often.

  1. The forums keep logging me out, can you help?

    We had a few problems when we first moved to phpBB3 and this issue still affects users now and then. You need clear any cookies related to '' and try logging in again. Internet Explorer 6 is not supported by this site so it's recommended you try using a better browser such as Firefox, which will allow you to clear individual cookies from the options.

  2. Can you help me with my level design related problem?

    No, the contact page on this site is not for level design or SDK related queries, we have a very active and much more knowledgeable forum community for that purpose. These emails will go unanswered so please don't waste your time.

  3. I have a cool site, can I exchange links with you?

    We generally only exchange affiliates with other HL2 news sites or mods, not personal sites or blogs. Please send an email through the contact form with a website link and to your 88x31px link image.

  4. My mod has some news, can you post it?

    Certainly, we try to post as much news as possible but with limited staff it may not be as fast as news dedicated websites. Try to include links to relevant websites and images in the Submit News forum and providing it's a good quality release (not seven grey model renders) then we'll post it as soon as possible.

  5. Can I have a portfolio?

    Yep, the portfolio section is free to use but you need access which is granted by sending a PM to Blink. This is just a loose quality control to make sure the section isn't abused, it's not a test. Please see this thread for more details.