Landing an APC on hop mines

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Landing an APC on hop mines

Postby Flynn_ on Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:24 pm

Hi, in my map I've got an area with hop mines and if I get the hop mines and pile them up on the area where the APC lands, the APC goes crazy and flies around the map in a crazy fashion.

How would I go about getting the APC not ignore the physical presence of the mines?

I've tried ticking "not solid" in the "collisions" category on the properties but that makes no difference, so I put it back to Vphysics.

This is the last bug in my map before I release it.

I've thought about putting NPC Clip down on the landing area but then the APC will appear floating on the surface.

Any bright ideas?

Edit: Okay now it is doing it even without the hop mines


Right I've just tested it three times in a row with cordon bounds on piling up hop mines and it hasn't done it, WTF!?

I had this problem before and thought I'd solved it, now it has come back again :x

Edit: I've figured it out.

It only happens when you load a game from a save file.

It has nothing to do with the hopper mines at all!

Any ideas on how to fix this?
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