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Re: Architecture Ideas 2

Postby Zecrah on Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:18 pm

mabufo wrote:
Tutorial wrote:
3. Window cages are very good to add. You can find them in the props interior, building_detail and wasteland folders. Make sure they're the same size as the window. Here is what I’m talking about:


I'm sorry for reviving this old tutorial.. but I need help with this window thing...

I can't find the props that mr. spas is talking about.. I can't find the ones that he showed in the tut.. the ones I can find.. DON'T WORK! :shock:

Instead of showing up.. I get the big red error model in the map instead.. very depressing. .. SO.. if anyone knows where I can find the prop models of the windows things.. OR a tutorial/advice on how to make a window like that with brushes.. I would apprechiate it..

Also.. I apologize for my lack of caring about my grammar.. I type like I talk I suppose.

I don't know why the author said they were props, since they're brushes. I even looked in the map. lol.

Get VMEX, decompile the prison level and take a look at it.
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Re: Architecture Ideas 2

Postby oliviapitson on Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:43 am

I need your help hope you will do. Can someone please give me an example of triangles used in architecture of green building and furniture?

green building
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