MINERVAs Adam ‘Cargo Cult’ Foster Hired by valve!

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MINERVAs Adam ‘Cargo Cult’ Foster Hired by valve!

Postby Fearian on Thu Jul 17, 2008 12:50 pm

Adam Foster, AKA Cargo Cult, has announced that he will start work at Valve itself at the beginning of October, following the success of his single player mod, MINERVA. He's lucky enough be set onto the episode 3 team, but claims this isn't the end of his own series.

If you've played MINERVA (If you haven't played it, what better chance to get started now?) you'll know how much Adam deserves this, and will probably have wondered why it didn't happen sooner - He was invited to the Valve offices in 2006 to swap notes and played an early version of episode 1. This news is a great example of the industry hiring from the community, and I'm sure we all wish 'Cargo Cult' the best of luck!

Via the excellent Rock Paper Shotgun, click for more information.
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