City17:Episode 1 | December Update

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City17:Episode 1 | December Update

Postby MrTwoVideoCards on Sat Dec 13, 2008 8:11 pm

Over at City17: Episode 1, the guys have released some new media and information on the project:

So we're finally getting an update out. Luckily we've been able to complete a lot within the few days of December. Although December is half through its end, we're not really sure we're going to be done. (Like we said before, we're terrible with Dates, so to be on the safe side I'd say it's going to be out before 2018)

Jokes aside, we're moving at a Decent rate here, hopefully if we keep it up, we'll see some even more Major process later this month near Xmas.

Image Image Image

Stay tuned for more news and info over at their site.
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