Steam Account Phishing: Stay On Your Guard!

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Steam Account Phishing: Stay On Your Guard!

Postby YokaI on Tue Jan 27, 2009 6:27 pm

According to Kotaku, steam has a new vulnerability that all users should currently be on guard against! Account Phishing is a common on the online distribution service, but it looks to have taken a turn for the worst with this new tactic:

"The authentic-looking e-mail uses a spoofed, address, forwarding recipients to a dummy version of the Steam Community web site. That page simply harvests login and password information, potentially giving the phishing schemers access to personal account information.

The most obvious indicator that you're not at the official Steam Community web site is the cloned page's URL, which should be the secured"

So if you've been offered something that claims to be a "gift" from another user, be sure to check the URL. So far the only game used to phish has been Farcry, but it certainly isn't limited at all by the product. To read more, visit this kotaku article for more details. And remember, if a user contacts you asking for login details, it certainly isn't valve!
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