My student future in gamedevelopment?

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My student future in gamedevelopment?

Postby BubbleQ on Tue Mar 15, 2011 5:27 pm

Hey guys! I know this kind of thread has been posted many times before but I hope I wont be too mainstream of my intrests :)
It is now time for me to start thinking about my student future, in some mounths I will pass what we call Gymnasium in Sweden. The ages in this schools are from 15-16 to 18-19.

So it is time for me to join university and stuff, if I don´t get a full time job or so. Anyway, it is gamedevelopment I am intrested in, thanks to all you on interlopers :smt023

Though I am unsure, about one year ago I thought gameindustry was loooong away and I know I never could match the fantasic work I have seen on this site!
But sins the minecraft, mods, bloodlinechampoins and some other indie games raise up. I have been really exitited for making a push into that direction. Also I should mention (witch you can also find in many other therads, sorry xD) that I have been taking a pyhton class each monday and do still learning it on my freetime, in that class we have now taking on javascript so I am on my own with python.
But I really love to program, it is almost as fun as do mapping and I think that offer from any of them will be a taking from my side.

So my real question is for thous guys who live in Sweden and has gone to a gamedev school or something in that direction. I wonder is it worth it? Do the quallity go as deep as I have seen on this site an other mod sites in terms of gameplay and leveldesign?
Why I ask this is that I hav heard there is no good to use gamedev schools but I feel I really need some proper teachers to learn me things?

Hope you understand me.
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Re: My student future in gamedevelopment?

Postby LordDz on Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:08 pm

Simulation & Datorspelsteknik is an ok program here in Örebro, but that's if you want a life next to the game development (party party).

Not sure on how the other schools handle it in Sweden, but if you're interested: ... aspel.html
Also as the true nerd I am, I saw an article in PCGamer a couple of years ago, which I of course can't find at the moment.

What we've done since now: (Started at Autumn)
Discreet Math
C (Why we read C and not C++/C# is beyond me, but we will probably learn us C# later on)
More Math
1 week of speech training (yes it was with THAT teacher)
Story writings
Story writings - Coming up with a new game idea
In the 2nd/3rd year we will create our own game.

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