Obama released Birth Certificate.

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Re: Obama released Birth Certificate.

Postby Sathor on Tue May 10, 2011 12:25 pm

Whether one likes Obama or not - I guess in Germany we like him fine, since here he would tend to be about middle-right wing with most of his program, so he is not at all very left wing (from a German perspective) - I doubt anyone can do better in the USA at the moment.

One true problem about US politics is in my opinion usually only rich people have a chance. In both parties. Obama seems to be an exception, but everyone else seems to come from a rather rich background.

But I guess it would be worth it to have Tea Party govern for two years. I bet they would drive the country into even deeper ruin.

It is about the same with the German "Linke" (Left Socialist Party, so left that in America they would be gunned down as communists). They get rather big support currently too, they promise a lot of things (I liked their last campaign: "Charge wealth with a tax" and a few meters further the next slogan: "Wealth for everyone" ... really intelligent), but all they would do is either realise they can't do any better OR they'd make it a lot worse because they fellow an ideology, not reality.

We have to accept the world is always changing. USA and I guess Europe currently have a bit of a down, but we will rise again, like it always has been in history.
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Re: Obama released Birth Certificate.

Postby kkirspel on Tue May 10, 2011 10:58 pm

MayheM wrote:Little Nitpicking there... Being a state senator gets you known in your state, sure... But as far a national politics are concerned, he was and still is very new to the stage. But also notice I said he was a senator before he "RAN"... He began his campaign at least a year before being elected thus making his tenure as a senator... you guessed it... 2 years. BOOYAH!!! Now put your rolly-eyes away...

In hindsight, I guess you were coming from a "he wasn't well known in the country" standpoint, where as I was arguing a "he's had experience" standpoint... hence me correcting that it was 3 years. You're right, though, that the nation as a whole started hearing about him after only his first 2 years being a US senator.
And no, I will never, ever put my rolling eyes away. :roll:
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Re: Obama released Birth Certificate.

Postby Mr. Happy on Wed May 11, 2011 7:12 pm

MayheM wrote:
Mr. Happy wrote:President's and VP's always come from no where, the less people know about them the easier it is to trick people into thinking they are good!

Are you admitting that you think Obama tricked people into thinking he was good? Just curious...

I think that political parties support candidates who are relatively unknown because the more you know about someone the easier it is to oppose them for minor reasons. I think the "independent" votes are mindless automatons which sway with the slightest breeze and you have to use trickery to capture them since they are incapable of forming their own opinions through intelligent thought.

And yes, I think Obama, like all candidates, is a politician to the core, who lies and misrepresents himself.

I still think he has performed within the range of my expectations, I am generally satisfied with him, and I still think that McCain would have run this country into a pit. I still think the republican party is MORE corrupt, 'evil', and in many cases simply factually WRONG about their "conclusions,", opinions, platform, etc. MORE SO then the democratic party (which is still full of shit, but to a lesser degree).
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