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A videoclip masterpiece

PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:06 pm
by Spike
Well, I know about this song for years, it's pretty old. I've watched the videoclip tons of times and never realized the point of it. Since yesterday, I randomly found it on youtube and I was shocked how everything fits with the music.

Basically the video shows the landscape seen from a moving train. But if you notice every detail in the landscape is a different beat in the song. For example at the begining of the video, the semaphores play a beat each time they appear into the scene. At second 1:34, you can see how every person is a different intonation of the singers voice.

The landscape is heavily modified with awesome special effects you actually think the landscape is real, but as you can see, lots of objects are repeated over and over to fit the music (bridges, houses, people, etc).

It's a pretty cool video that's related with audio and video editing that's why I think it deserves it's own thread