Portfolio Rules - Updated!

Interlopers Portfolio section.

Portfolio Rules - Updated!

Postby Blink on Wed Apr 04, 2007 10:04 pm

What is this?

The portfolio section allows members of the forum to create a thread that shows off their various talents in an organised manner and also allows other users to easily browse the talent on offer.

This portfolio is then displayed in the Interlopers Portfolio section which is searchable by different filters. You can also add your portfolio to various categories and rate other portfolios.

There are of course a few guidelines we all need to follow to keep this section neat and tidy.

  • Keep the first post of your thread updated - this way people will not need to search your whole thread for examples of work.
  • No thread bumping, it's pointless as people can search by last edited
  • Use correct English and Grammar - having a portfolio thread full of mistakes just makes you look silly.
  • Remember to include images in the thread and/or links to previous works.
  • One thread per member please


At the top of your portfolio you will see some check boxes which will allow you to categorise your portfolio, please be as honest as possible here as lying will not get you any better search results etc.

You can update these as you need to.


You will also notice that you can rate portfolios. You can rate between 1 and 5 and also change your rating if the portfolio improves/declines in quality over time.

Please note that you can't rate your own portfolio and you must be registered and logged in to vote on a portfolio.

How should I present it?

It's up to you how you wish to present your portfolio, but I recommend looking at the example portfolio to get references for the code you can use and how to present images.

Sell yourself

It would be best to write a short blurb about what skills you possess and what tools you can use. So a texture artist might boast about using Photoshop and VTF Edit.

Also mention what other projects you have worked on with links to any online examples if possible. So links to a released map on FPSBanana or a past mod website would be an excellent example.

Also feel free to link to any other personal sites you may have, such as blogs or actual proper portfolios - the more exposure the better!

Would also be handy to list basic information like where you live and your age, as this will be important to internet based mod teams or employers.

Remember to include contact details! - Even if it's just to PM you via this forum, but an e-mail address is always handy.

Only show your best work

It's far better to have 4 superb map screenshots then 19 not so great ones.

Quality over quantity!

How do I get started?

Just gather up some images, videos, audio etc, make a new thread and get started!
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