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Re: PHPBB2 External Support

Postby zombie@computer on Thu Sep 13, 2007 1:47 pm

Hitmans-CSS wrote:Hello,

I was thinking of using PHPBB. I wanted to know if someone in PHPBB knowledge could give me a hand at making a script where it pulls information from a category and displays it on my custom php page.

Also, If it's possible to get the login system to display and work on the external page as it would in the forums.

Thanks a bunch guys!
for teh login page you can simply copy the code from login.php and change only the appearance. The only problem here is, that for a site like interlopers, you dont really like the inefficient phpbb login code. Instead, i copy pasted all login functions on one page, and rewrote the code to a single file containing less than 10% of the code phpbb uses to login. Downside of that is
1) takes a friggin long time
2) i make typo's :P
3) takes a longer time because of 1 and 2 combined

offcourse if you got a crap site somewhere noone ever visits, just copy paste the login.php code and tear that silly template parser out of there, replacing it with your own php and html

as for the categories, a simple query will do, something like

SELECT topic_id, topic_title, topic_time FROM phpbb_topics WHERE forum_id=3

change as you desire. If you suck in mysql, get an phpsql admin thingy and test your queries in there
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