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Media collection html

Postby zombie@computer on Sun Dec 30, 2007 9:20 pm

Hi all, been bored again, and, since i bought myself a new tvcard with remote, i decided i wanted to have a cool looking graphical shell for my media collection. My aim is to have all my movies (+clips+series) managed by a very simple shell, controllable with my remote (so i dont even have to move to near my keyboard to select a movie to watch). Anyway, what started out as being bored, turned out to become something funny/actually usefull. Made the 'site' (its a single html so far) as a .hta (based on js, vbscript css and html), so its easy to start and manage. Im also going to use this as a LAN frontend for a very simple media server, note SIMPLE, hence im not using a full-blown program

Technically its not a problem, but layout and stylewise im a mong. So, im asking you guys for help: What to do? What to change? What to add? Any comments at all?

If anything, i could really use some help in deciding font size, color and style, im therrible at that. And if anyone knows a better background that this, lemme know.

Oh, im copying the style of this media portal skin:
Thats the style im aiming for, but failing to do :lol:

oh, and for those interested: the technical side already works, i can use my remote to actually pick a movie and play it. Ill drop the source once im pleased with it
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Postby Forceflow on Mon Dec 31, 2007 9:16 am

Great stuff, impressive that you're building this yourself. I'd get rid of the blueish stroke, or make it smaller and more transparent, and place it behind the movies, since it takes up quite a big part of the screen now.

On the other hand, there are several free Media Center - alike things available ...
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