What Google!?

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What Google!?

Postby ƒray on Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:34 pm

Just designed a new website a few days ago, still adding/updating new things but it uses Drupal CMS, which is nice
Link: http://www.whatgoogle.com
What is this Site?

This site is based on your favorite search engine, google.

Google has search suggestions that are hilarious! Post the funniest ones that you have seen here by clicking on Create a New Submission underneath the site logo.
What do I do?

* Go to Google
* Start typing something like why did i
* Find something hilarious
* Copy what you find hilarious in a new submission.

Enjoy! Rate Others! Laugh! Share yours!

You are probably like Why? Why would I do such a thing? WHY WOULDN'T YOU!? It's ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!
In a serious note, all these suggestions were actually searched by actual people! MAYBE THATS WHY? HMM
Get started today!

Theme: Burnt - Very, neat, and organized layout, I overhauled the theme adding custom elements instead
Modules used:

* image - To display Images
* Imagecacheui - Thumbnail previews on main page
* Sharethis - Utility to share on multiple network sites
* CAPTCHA - Spam Prevention
* Views - For the toprated/recent comments
* XML sitemap - To submit to google
* Fivestar - Rating System

Site On Web on July 26th @ 0100
Things to do:

Why did I use Drupal?
I just couldn't let down Drupal, the CMS functionality and the module support is just what I was looking for!

Challenges I faced
I questioned myself the very question I always ask myself "How will I do this layout? I had to draw a picture in paint first to get the general idea, which got me going"
Trying to find an image module that I wanted exactly
I am not the most php savvy individual so coding some was, annoying, but I figured it out :)

Thank you for your time, I appreciate all feedback, :)
I also take suggestions, thank you very much
I am looking for any graphic designer, if have free time to design a better logo, :) Much appreciated and you will be noted in the notes
You can Email: Jlluitj@gmail.com
Signature images are 400x100 - You sir fail at rule listening
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1337 p0st3r
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Re: What Google!?

Postby 904 on Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:48 pm

As a learning experience I can see why you made this, as for the content.. I don't know, but that's personal.
So about the site: it seems complete, I think the theme could be more graphically exciting, the sidebar comes across a bit cluttered: try to cut it up into more recognisable sections. Maybe you can make it a bit wider, since most entries on the right use only half the space available.
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Re: What Google!?

Postby KILLA-COW on Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:14 pm

Is anyone really going to want to register to do that? I mean really? Come on.
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