Underground Facility - HL2

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Underground Facility - HL2

Postby Performante on Tue Jan 31, 2012 11:44 pm

level_1_start_v2.rar - 10.5 MB

This is a playable unfinished map that I had been designing for about a month. My hard drive crashed shortly before the contest deadline, and I was left with nothing. Fortunately, I had sent an earlier version of the map to my friend for testing, and he sent it back to me later on.

The near-final version that I had been working on before my mishap featured a large amount of extra areas and routes, not to mention countless fixes and adjustments.

When I play this map, I realize that I crammed way too many design ideas into one package. The map as a whole is fun to play if you like corridor shooting, but it lacks a true essence. I created several drawings of unique, interesting areas and decided how to connect them in the editor - poor design process. What I did have was an idea and inspiration. The player must infiltrate the underground facility, shut down the experiments, and escape to ground level. I played a lot of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark during the design.

If I ever recover the data on my old hard drive, I will definitely finish this map and release a final version. In the meantime, I would love for you to play my map and tell me what you think!

Gameplay note: Elevator near the end of the level can be used by pressing the button on the right, inside the elevator.
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Experiment Room
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Maintenance Hallway
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