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[CS:GO] - de_aube

Postby Keppu on Tue Oct 14, 2014 6:50 am

Hello fellow mappers! :smt039

My name is Keppu. I'm hobbyist 3d modeler and level designer from Finland. I've been mapping for some months with Hammer, doing two maps for Contagion community so far: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Keppu/mywo ... pid=238430

I decided to try some CS:GO mapping as I started to play the game recently with my friends. I made account here to get some advice from more experienced mappers out there. Feel free to criticize any aspect as the process goes on. I never mind honest critique.

If you are interested in being involved from the ground up, I will promise to include screens featuring the naked and problem ridden beginning, not just the fancy outcome. :-D

The idea for the map is to have defuse as the goal. Map will take place in somewhere around South Europe. I'm leaning towards Southern France and thus the working name aube. Aube meaning dawn and comes from the lighting theme that features rising sun in the morning. I shoot for some warm and pleasantly positive theme.

Theme will be city with narrow walking streets. I've gathered some reference images and this is the sort of look I think of using:

I started to texture the bombsite A to get some overall idea of the aspect. Maybe the map should have kind of bright and maybe fairly colored textures. At least my eyes feel better playing brighter maps. The player models can be spotted more easily and I think that counts something.

I'm thinking on using textures and assets mostly from the Italy map. They would fit the theme nicely. I'm not sure what is the best approach towards custom assets. Should the approach be to make the map as custom as possible or go with the ready made assets as far as possible?

Here is the layout I've made up so far. White arrows point out the pathways going under the buildings.

here is quick run through what there currently is. It's not much yet.
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