My Map Edit is 1 GB

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My Map Edit is 1 GB

Postby FriskyPiranha on Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:19 pm

I've read that 30 MB is silly. So what is 1 GB?

The original is 350 MB. It uses textures from Metro 2033. When I use PakRat it includes CS:S content which isn't needed and I have three songs in the level, but how 1 GB? Is Pakrat not showing me everything that's added or adding things multiple times?

BSP and VMF:
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Re: My Map Edit is 1 GB

Postby cpl. punishment on Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:26 am

I opened your packed file with GCFScape, and found that the materials folder is taking up 700+ MB. It looks like PakRat is picking up all or most of the Metro materials when you do an automatic search (which I assume is what you did), so you may have to manually select the files you need to be packed.
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Re: My Map Edit is 1 GB

Postby Jangalomph on Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:14 am

Or make your own materials and not take from other games.
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Re: My Map Edit is 1 GB

Postby kraid on Mon Apr 01, 2013 12:33 pm

Even the original size of 350MB would be somewhat big for downloading it from a server, even if it could be packed somewhat smaller by using bspzip.

I'm not sure how much custom content is really in your map, but there are always possibilities to bring down the overall filesize.

Use texture compression and downsize some of the texture files with higher resolution.
Normalmaps are usually saved uncompressed. Either compress them or half their resolution.
Erease the alphachanel on Textures that were saved with an alphachanel, but don't use it at all.

Check your lightmap resolution on the bsp of your map.
Make sure that there are no small scales on huge faces, maybe increase the overal lightmapscale for the whole map or parts of it.
Make sure that no lightmap space is wasted for parts that the player won't see anyway.
Use nodraw, cut your brush into chunks if parts of it's faces are hidden by big func_detail, displacement or even static props completly.
Don't use to much cubemap entities in your map and keep them on low resolution.
Don't use dynamic light.

make sure that they're optimized and were not corrupted during the port from Metro2033.
(duplicated faces, splitted vetics, etc.)
don't use per vertex lightning (no -staticproplightning in advanced compile) since it also increases mapsize

in general:
make sure that only the necessary content is added.
always use the bspzip for compressing the client download of the map and host it on an external webspace, not on the server that's running the map.
You're able to reference the map download link in a .res file on the server.
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