MESA 2.0 - Maya exporter for Source Engine

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MESA 2.0 - Maya exporter for Source Engine

Postby fuzzzzzz on Fri Oct 18, 2013 1:09 am

Hello there,

It a great pleasure for me to announce the availability of MESA 2.0
MESA is a tool-set of scripts for Autodesk Maya that can Import and Export to the Source engine.
This is a list of the new functionalities and improvements than MESA 2.0 brings.


MESA 2.0

  • The new environment System is now completely independent from the Source Sdk Environment variables.
  • The Maya.env files is no longer used to define the environment variables that MESA requires to work.
  • MESA provides the project environment workspaces for the 20 Games powered by the Source Engine.
  • The UI has been refines ( check the Screenshots section )
  • Guide Sections (under development) this section will brings some use full tips and important information with the creation of assets vehicles, npcs, items, and weapons.
  • New Shelf
  • and more…

VIDEO Tutorials

Installation :

Export tutorial :

Export Guide ... =186221067

Feedbacks en suggestions are welcome.
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Re: MESA 2.0 - Maya exporter for Source Engine

Postby oOCaptainCrazyOo on Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:42 pm

I'll stick with WallWorm xD
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