Help Needed With XSI

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Help Needed With XSI

Postby Epifire on Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:23 pm

Trying to get better at my texturing in XSI, and I was recently shown a way to get accurate texture seems with UV unwrapping. However, the guy that showed me was using blender and I use Softimage.

So basically I have been trying to use Ultimapper in XSI to bring up my seems and edges, but I am not getting the unwrapped texture. I mainly get some thing like a flat projection hiding half of the model's polys, and it does not appear unwrapped. One other issue I ran into was that the Valve exporter and addon for XSI only works with 6.0, and not 7.5. In a matter of speaking the problem that arises from being limited to the 6.0 version is that it does not produce correct rendermaps/ultimapps because of a bug in that particular version. That only complicates things a little more since the way to work around that is to load the model in 7.5 for the UV unwrapping. Thought I would mention that before continuing.

So basically what I am really looking to find out is how to get my geometry outlines on a single unwrapped texture, but I am having trouble finding out how to do that with XSI. Any and all advice would be great, even if it is a suggestion.
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Re: Help Needed With XSI

Postby the new Easy on Sat May 12, 2012 5:10 pm

Hopefully you've figured out how to texture in XSI by now since this topic is a month old, but it's not good to see an unanswered question. Here's how I work with textures in Mod Tool:
Go to Render> (Get)Texture> Image. A Material window will open. Import an image by clicking New> New From File.... Under Texture_Projection, click New> Unique UVs (polymesh). You've created your UVs. Now press Alt+7 to bring up the UV editor.


I hope that was helpful, but maybe you already knew this and were trying to use Ultimapper specifically? I am new to Mod Tool and modeling in general, and can't say anything about Ultimapper. But there's a tutorial on texturing in Mod Tool at the SDK Docs where I learned this from.
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