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Postby m.anderson on Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:36 pm

I've also run into this exact problem with creating a 3d skybox. I wanted an 8-sided cylindrical arrangement of displacements that would have vista textures applied to them (the nature mountain series of textures - can't remember the names). This cylinder arrangement wraps around my entire level. The textures typically have 4 in a series: ..._a, ..._b, ..._c, and ..._d. When I used the "fit" texture setting with "face" projection, there was a tiny gap between all the faces, as you had above. When I decompiled an episode 2 map that did the same thing (again, can't remember the name, something_12), I saw valve just slightly scaled the textures up to remove the gap.

Like most things in Source, it ain't clean - but it works. Remember this is a super old engine and they didn't sweat details like seamless textures. There's seams all over Half Life 2.
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