A Consequential Journey [WIP]

A Consequential Journey [WIP]

Postby Plague on Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:09 pm

A Consequential Journey


A one way trip from Kleiners lab to Black Mesa East. Many things will go wrong, this is one of them.
Teleported into the engine room of the combine controlled "Aurora" icebreaker, with nothing but the HEV suit, You'll have to navigate the hostile environment and figure out how to get out alive.

Starting in the underbelly of the Aurora, Gordon must stay alive as he gets his bearings in the close quarters of the converted human ship.
We will then finish as Gordon reaches the main deck and prepares for an intense fight with the now alerted Combine forces.


Current Progress

We are currently working on a small design doc for both parts.
An excerpt from one of our sessions so far:
Contact. The EU welcomes the pain free. That's emotional impact.
I actually think limitation is good for creativity. If we had an engine that could do everything, we would be in trouble. It gives us focus. ~~ Randy Lundeen
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