RedMser's WIP Thread

RedMser's WIP Thread

Postby RedMser on Fri Apr 25, 2014 11:21 am

Some of this may change if I decide that it doesn't work out the way I wanted it to!

Main Idea

The malfunctioning teleporter sends Freeman to the entrance of an abandoned lab called "Sleet Works" somewhere near the north pole. He has to make his way through the snow and find his way into the lab. Once inside, everything goes dark, possibly a power outage. He is free to look around various test chambers and work places in the lab, but they are filled with zombies!
The technology in the lab seems to be also a teleporter, though it seems to be an early prototype, as there is a lot of wiring hanging out and it seems quite old. Freeman's main goal is to enable the power in the lab, find a way to power the teleporter and get out of the lab.

Weapons and Items

Throughout the lab, you will find a lot of items. Though you start with a Crowbar, the Gravity Gun, a Pistol with a little ammo in it and a Grenade. In the lab, you can find a lot of Medkits in Medical Rooms and Batteries in most of the Testing Areas, though in the areas with many Enemies in them, there will be more ammo and weaponry. The items won't be in Item Crates, as they don't fit the style (unless I decide to reskin them), but the items will still only be in areas that fit the area (so no weapons in the medical areas).
In the lab, you will find the AR2 with altfire ammo and the Revolver with a little bit of ammo in it.


I will mostly focus on Puzzles and Exploration, as the abandoned areas area a fun place to explore and figure out the back story, and puzzles as you need to get out of the place and have to power the facility.
There will be combat, but it won't be the focus. In order to find the place where to power the facility, you have to explore, which may result in combat due to the places that you enter. For example, if you enter a mutation test lab, you can be sure to find some zombies in it, but maybe also items to help you or even ways to the power source!

The entire facility won't be completely dark, as there will be windows to look outside and bring sunlight in, so the flashlight won't be a big element in this map, though there will be some dark areas!


I tend to sketch a lot in paint to get main room layouts done, so hope this gives you (and me of course) a better idea of how it will look like in the end.

Entrance of Sleet Works:
Will be made entirely out of metal, sunken inside snow. The entrance is a locked blast door that you have to find your way into!

Entry Room:
This is the room that appears right after entering Sleet Works (after some malfunctioning scanners and the before-mentioned power outage). It will have many places to sit down, a secretary, a help desk and the way into the initial corridors.

Top view of some Corridors:
These will be present right after leaving the entry room.
Note: Neither the corridors nor the rooms will be as linear as this. I will break up the corridor so that you sometimes have to enter a room to proceed in order to avoid boredom. The main gist of this area, though, is to allow you to explore and get into the right atmosphere before even trying to leave. You want to get involved as to why this lab is abandoned and what enemies are still left inside the complex.

Currently Working on...
  • basic in-game layout
  • few more sketches for the areas
  • more area ideas


None yet!

By the way, I know how to use GIMP and the like. These sketches are just made to be... well, sketches, so they don't have to look fancy. :x
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