Sarwia's final submission

Re: Sarwia's final submission

Postby Spas12 on Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:35 pm

The file downloads but my winrar wont open it.
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Re: Sarwia's final submission

Postby MaK on Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:56 am

Spas12 wrote:The file downloads but my winrar wont open it.

Don't use winrar. Get 7zip, the file opens fine.
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Re: Sarwia's final submission

Postby Ade on Sat Jul 05, 2014 9:38 pm

Thoughts on this:
- k so the mod starts awesome, with a fullscreen pink checkers during loading screens
- low low fps, 30 in fact
- weird to get the smg before the pistol
- game gives us a lot of health in the beginning, but none after all the combine soldiers, and no autosaves?
- and the train station suddenly turns into an all combine architecture area, thus making me wonder where the hell I am
- a combine door kills a fellow rebel ;(
- I have very little ammo, had to crowbar a couple of super soldiers! since most of them dropped effin nades instead of ammo, OR health batteries
- again, little health after the gunship fight, oh so cruel... like I really have time to charge when 3 combine rushing at me, and I see shotgun ammo but no shotgun so far except from the dead rebel which in 1 playthrough died like I said because of a silly door incident and dropped the shotgun behind it hahaha
- jumping behind the train gets me stuck in that area; in my defense, there was a damn lambda sign near it
- and not that far from the station, I'm outside, meeting up with Alyx.
Again, where was I, exactly? This was a hard and not so good entry, gameplay wise. Nice change of scenery with the combine environment but felt really out of place, and the fps, oh my God, was so low all throughout. Please revise this.
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