Summer Mapping Initiative!

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Re: Summer Mapping Initiative!

Postby msleeper on Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:27 am

238 maps. 1.3gb of content.

Abandoned Chamber by Hunter-Killer
Absolutism by Grim Tuesday
The Abyss by Shroudeye
Advanced Flinging by jedilink25
Aerial Devastation by LATTEH
Aerial Portaling by Mattyd
Affiliated by Pitkäkorva
All Things Physics by BobsYurUncle
Alternativ Coop by Darkcry
ALTERNATIVE #2 by r1corix
Aly Crushers by Aly
Angleright by riikikven
Anomaly by p0rtalplayer
Apature Dungon by Glaber
Aperature Dungon by shad0w440
The Aperture Science Symbiotic Ascension Course by TheCakeDispensary
"Aperture Testing Element"-Testing by Sniper_GER
Aquillians United Cooperative Test 00001 by Aquillians United
Aquillians United Test 00001 by Aquillians United
Aristodemos by Pucko

Back and Forth by vanSulli
Ball Maze by Orange
Because I'm a Potato by jizzo
Before the new by cda2369
Ben2 contest entry by Ben2
Big_Buddy by poopie_bandit
The Bigger Picture v1.2 by Hunter McJesus
Bin-irate by jizzo
Bits or Pieces by Rand0mNumbers
Black Rooms by MaD2ko0l
Blackout by Mog
Bloody´s Chambers by Bloodhound
Blue Walls by RubyCarbuncIe
Bounce Beam by LightShadow
Box Fling by J*Rod
Break Away by Dustpup
Breakdown by TheLastBanana
Bridge Over Toxic Water by UberSprode
Bridges to a New Tomorrow by Zhan
Bright Side by MrLate

Catch by benhenry96
Cattle_Tuberculosis by IanB
CG's Oversized Test Chamber Storage Area by CrazyGuy
Challenge accepted by SymphonicThunder
The Chamber of Silence by Skitz001
Chamber Six by Nezzy
Cloudy With a Chance of Turrets by eggray
Companion Retrieval Run by Wanderer2021
Core Civ by SpAM_CAN
cradle by Furyo
The Crossroads by theevilgod
The Cube by Whark
The Cube Did It by andu
Cube Escort by {SOAP} Pm@c
Cube Juggle Catch by zabmagi
Cube Stacking by pepto_pillz
Cube Travel by pptlpp
Cubes 'n' Funnels by Will T.
Cubes, buttons,'s got it all. by the-cubes-companion
Cubi by AmnDragon
Cubiculous by ImpaQuade

The Dark Side of Aperture by jamesf141
deadseatrap by BIOSHOCK1
Discouragement Chamber #9 by animerunt
Discouragement Encouragement by Groxkiller585
Distracted by Love by Madk
diversity testing by vurtual
Dome 02 by Mar
Don't Eat the Paint by CaretCaret
DoubleTake by Zimplen
Download Get the Gel by LIJI

E3_propulsiongel by CPC
Eclectic Elements by ApertureAce
eco_leaf by Another Bad Pun
Edifice by Omnicoder
Egg Hunt by Jazza4Lyf
Electrophobia by Mevious
Elpie-o Portal 2 contest entry by elpieo
The Emancipation Station by DannyBoy76
Engineer by Ruien
Entry01 by Clavus
Epsilon Alpha by Naulziator
Evolution #01 by Cau3T
Excursion Immersion by PokeJosh
the-exit by watanukikun
Experimental Challenge by kwp21 pitts

Faith in Goo by Ratboy
Faith Paint Contest Entry by saberboy117
Falling Through the Dark by Constructor#8
Fast Bridge - Contest Version by Skotty
Fat Turret Revolution by PrejudicedNanobot
First Transcendental Building Course 01 by Brits
Fizzle by hugo.gladu
Fizzler Trap by SamW
Fling Bridge by Kosire
The Forgotten Chamber by Number47
Funnel Vision by Moolapie
Funnels & Fizzlers by Angus

Gel Chamber by Alz
Give and Take by rseldon
Gotta Go Fast by evang
Gotta Have (Aerial) Faith v.1 by Deremix
Gravity by satchmo

Hub - Padlocks and Puzzles by Synthecism
Hypercube by tempvariable

"If cube- and button-based testing caused..." by MXXE
Induction_Gauntlet by portaljunkies
Infinifling V2.5 by MrTwoVideoCards
Irregular Pyramid by YM_Industries

Jumping Lasers by Billy
Jumpingjack by Basteh

Laser Danger by Arkaid
Laser Friendly by frenchie
Laser Funnel by Nicky397
Laser Path by zapadat
Laser show by laxsiber
Laser Tower by Mazarin256
Lasers and Faith Plates by ZombieDawgs
Laws of physics ... they still apply. by Pjuvigny
LeSwordfish Portal Buttons by LeSwordfish
Light and Gel by Tomester
Lost in Testing by KenJeKenny!?

Marcem's Laserbox and Funnel by Marcem
The mind breaker by arek_91
Missing Geodome by Kay
Molybdenum by Coppermantis
More Fun And Learning by rainChu
Motanum's Main Four by Motanum
mp_coop_blueblock by Android_r2d2
mp_coop_chickentest_3 by chickenmobile
mp_coop_ice_three_cubes by Icewind
mp_coop_inandout by Naigel
Mp_coop_Versus by Pete

Nine by Four by Kambfhase
The notYETnamed Map by NemesisVM

One in the Chamber by KrispyTheKorn
One of everything by AntiVector
Out Of The Box by ZombeeDeath
Overgrown Clap Documentation by Fearlezz
Overgrowth - MAJOR UPDATE by slowdevelopment
Oxide by zip

Paintbox 01 by thehermit2
Panelized by dhavalmistry
Paradox by cosmo123
Patent Pending by ebola
Piloting a Blimp by taboo54
PMK 6 by mazk1985
Postmodern Puzzle by BrainstoneX

Rainbow's Competition Entry by Rainbow
Red Carpet at the Aperture Science Awards by Minus
The Red Window by Barracuda
Red, White and Blue by GoldenBuns
Redirecting Redirection by MrTwoVideoCards
Reduce Reuse Refract by Lemures
refraction by naNuke
Remembering Aperture by GMan
Rescue The Space Sphere [Demomap] V2.5 by flare03
Retupmoc's Portal 2 Maps by Retupmoc
Revenge of the Angry Turrets by MasterLagger
Reversal by NeoDement
The Rock of Prometheus by magicrat
The Room by SpcAgentOrange
The Room (Precision, Timing, and Solving) by NeemaE

SB_Faith in Rotation by ShinyBox
Science 21 by screedle
Scooter Entry by Scooter
Secleratus by Demise
Site E by Idolon
Small Rooms & Reuse by NinjaMonkey996
sp portal 2 core by rocketdog96
SP Propagation by Docker
SP_A Boxiful Mind by Domathan
sp_advancedgels by scummbeard
Sp_Aperture_Syndrome by Hollow
sp_audiotrash_competition by audiotrash
sp_custom_monstereuthanasia by RetroDLC
sp_destroyed by Strid3r
sp_dkx_gtc by dakx
sp_dreamlike_state by synthemesc
sp_heavy_reuse by hexparrot
sp_laser_wall by obstipator
sp_laserSHine by SHinema
Sp_reconstruct by TopHATTwaffle
sp_schiller_01 by Schiller
sp_t3 by NC22
sp_tod_Sprunrun by Todarac
sp_turret_reunion by Little Dude
Speed Gel Is Fun by supersandvich
speedkills by goosegous
Sphere: Delta Bunsen! by Lobster
SP-Skyline by Skyline5gtr
Stockpile by Mindbug
Surprises Everywhere by Dariuski

Teamwork1 by Moojuiceman
Test Area Zeta: Chamber 01 by VitaminZed
Test Chamber G23 by convolution223
Test for fun (DaMaGepy #2) by DaMaGepy
Testchamber Sodium by lionheart1066
Testchamer x9L by ctrickers
Testing Element - Turret Dipping by Shade Vortex
think with portals by ricardo248
Thinking With Flight by Audrey2
Thinking With Gravity by /k/ommandant
Thinking With Stupidity by kmoosmann
This Area is Under Construction by Gmex
This Plate is Broken by wingman53
Through the Facility by Fluppy
Through The Roof by Sidneys1
Time Arch by Domtech
Toinen by Lumolk
Tower Flings by Officer Captain
Toxic Funnel by jfleduc
TunaFish by Lamb&TunaFish
Turretery by DKGuarneri
Turrets bounce of death by Tankmin

Underground by mR. GaW
Underground Innovation by SuperSoldier
uuk's portal2 map contest sp map by uuk

Variation Susceptibility Test (VST) by no00dylan
Variety - Coop Map by hamster1147
Vent Companions by ParanoidFox
Vertigo by CombatCoward

Wall Button and Box Racing by lilBro
Wavelet by Mr. Happy
Waving Panels by Rabbit
The Way of The Turrets by CommandoAndyJR
Whatsa by delsigno
Wheatley's easy chamber by Jupe
Wheatleys missing chamber 1 by cheezecrazy
Whichway by watanukikun
The Wishing Well by DestructiveOne
Without Portalgun Demo: Turrets Domino by Loo-Kin

Xackbox-Demolevel by Xacktar

YinYang_theLAGmaster by theLAGmaster
Your not done yet!! by Shadow-Link

Zeitgeist by The Irate Pirate
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Re: Summer Mapping Initiative!

Postby Kosire on Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:49 am

msleeper wrote:238 maps. 1.3gb of content.

huge list

lol have fun judging... guess it will take some time :lol:
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Re: Summer Mapping Initiative!

Postby marks on Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:01 pm

Results - ... e-winners/
Congrats to MrTwoVideoCards and OmniCoder - they take 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Awesome turnout from Interlopers, good job guys!
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Re: Summer Mapping Initiative!

Postby Vilham on Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:27 pm

yeah great job guys, it was on eurogamer too.
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Re: Summer Mapping Initiative!

Postby no00dylan on Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:10 pm

vas good trip!
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Re: Summer Mapping Initiative!

Postby trcc on Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:27 pm

Good job! But sadly, this is 3 single-player maps. Most people want co-op.
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Re: Summer Mapping Initiative!

Postby ad_hominem on Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:49 pm

trcc wrote:Good job! But sadly, this is 3 single-player maps. Most people want co-op.

If you go to the actual site, there're the top rated co-op maps too (and a familiar name comes up once again...).
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