First Blood

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First Blood

Postby [Steve] on Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:00 pm

The first major post release Dota 2 update is out today and brings a large amount of new features and improvements.
A few of the key additions:

Local Play
Engage in close quarters combat with nine of your nearest friends. Now you can create a local lobby and use your computer to host a rousing round of Dota 2 through your home or café network.

Captains Draft
Gather a team, choose a captain, and face off against your opponents in a test of wits to assemble a squad from a randomized pool of twenty-four heroes. Each team takes turns banning two of the available heroes from the match while picking and counter-picking to compose their lineup before charging into battle.

Improved Armory
Your Backpack is now your Armory! Never fumble through piles of weapons and announcers while trying to find your rare couriers again. Build filters for, and navigate your armory by item type, quality,
rarity, and more


We will also finally see the release of the highly anticipated Glados Announcer pack, portal 2 themed wards and hud.
No doubt this announcer pack will be hilarious and very well written, but is it is also slightly controversial? What do you think about portal 2 content making the leap into Dota 2?
Personally I will be getting it right away!

This update will also add keys for the Polycount chest. This chest contains some fantastic items from some of the best artists in the community. Be sure to grab a key or two and support our friends at Polycount if you can afford it.

For the full list of additions and fixes check out First Blood
For a really in depth breakdown of this updates contents check out CyborgMatt's blog
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