New Bloom Festival

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New Bloom Festival

Postby [Steve] on Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:30 pm


It appears the Year of the Horse Dota 2 event has been renamed to the “New Bloom Festival”.
It seems to be another unique game mode for Dota 2 that offers plenty of new features and goodies to collect.
One of the most notable features is what sounds like a new skin for the map

“With the arrival of the New Bloom, the field of strife awakens from its long slumber. It is a world transformed. Early blossoms cover the trees as they shiver against the fading cold. In these dim days, paper lanterns light the paths where monuments of noble beasts look on toward the coming year. Bold heroes now charge across this refreshed land to offer up their strength to the battle.”

Check out more info here.
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